College Resources


College Testing:


Many colleges and universities will require that students take either the SAT or ACT. We suggest that students try both, beginning around winter or spring of their junior year, as some students score better on one than the other. The following are the two testing choices.


SAT Testing- Get more information and register at You can sign up for the SAT and the SAT subject tests on this website. You will also send your scores to colleges through this website.


ACT Testing- Get more information and register at You will also send your scores to colleges through this website.


College Applications:


University of California (UC) Application-


Cal State University (CSU) Application-


Common Application (Common App)-


Coalition Application-


California Community Colleges-


*Many private and out of state colleges and universities will not be on any of the websites listed above because they use their own private application. Those private applications can be accessed through that college or university’s website.


UC Doorways:


The UCs and Cal States require that certain courses must be taken during high school. To see a list of approved courses, and which ones count as honors credit, visit the link: Once you are on that website, type in our school code, 050526, to see our courses.






Any students who wish to participate in college athletics must register with the NCAA through this link: Students who plan to play in either Division I or II must register, while those who plan to play in Division III do not.


The NCAA requires that specific courses are to be taken at specific times during high school. To see what is required of each of the three divisions, check here:


College Research:


Students should attend college visits that take place on our campus. They will hear from college admissions representatives about various universities. These are announced via email.


Taking trips to visit colleges is also extremely important in the research process. For students who are applying to schools that are far away, visiting can sometimes be a challenge, so at very least, check out the college’s website to see if they have a virtual tour option.


To begin your research process, use Naviance (the link is located on this website)! There are many tools that will help you to narrow down your college search. From there, the absolute best research will come from the individual website of each college or university that you are interested in. Below are some additional resources.


California Colleges:


Private and Independent Colleges in California-